Monday, August 10, 2015

The Hand of God

Once again, I find myself reminded that in this work, none of our efforts mean anything without some divine intervention.

Consider the events that would instill in a young woman a deep and abiding faith in God. What experiences would lead her to search for a church where she might increase her testimony in and knowledge of her Savior, and where her only son, not yet two years old, might learn good principles and values? What could bring to her memory a childhood friend, and impel her to ask him about his church? I certainly had no part in any of this, nor did my companion, nor did the friend who invited her to attend church. Surely none but the great Architect could have planned everything so perfectly.

A week ago yesterday, we met Maria Nelly, a single mother looking for the truth. She wanted to find a church where she could raise her son in the ways of truth and righteousness. She asked an old friend from school, a member, what his church was like, and he invited her to attend. She accepted the invitation, and she also accepted our invitation to visit and teach her.

I can only marvel at the perfection of God's plan. Never would we have found Maria on our own, only through the intervention of a higher power.


Hermana Watts

Hna Dempsey and Hna Watts with Teresa

Hna Dempsey and Hna Watts with Catalina

Found this weird sculpture-thing . . .

My new placa (name badge).  Notice a difference?

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