Monday, January 5, 2015

Spirit Prison

Hello all!

I've been in the MTC now for five full days.  It's crazy!  I think I have a love-hate relationship with the MTC.  I love my companion, I love my district, I love my teachers and leaders, I love the things I'm learning, but I hate feeling so confined.  All the walkways are covered and we're in the classroom all the time, so we really don't get to see anything besides brick walls and black tags.  And snow.  My companion loves the snow!  My companion is Hermana Cross (or Cross Gomez, if you prefer), and she is from Guatemala.  She had never seen snow before she came to the MTC!  She is darling.  I couldn't have picked a more perfect companion.  She speaks native Spanish and nearly fluent English, and I speak native English and nearly fluent Spanish, so between the two of us, we understand each other perfectly.

My district is awesome.  We have Hermana Disner from Anaheim, CA; Hermana Fermoso from el DF, Mexico; Hermana Del Bosque from Washington state; Hermana Helmick from Fairfax, VA; Elder Humble from Portland, OR; Elder Marquez from Sacramento, CA; and Elder Roberts from Minnesota.  And everyone is going somewhere different!  Hermana Disner and Hermana Fermoso are both going to Pocatello, Idaho, speaking Spanish; Elder Roberts and Elder Humble are both going to Ecuador (but serving in different missions); Elder Marquez and Hermana Cross (my companion!) are both going to Houston, Texas; Hermana Helmick is going to Puerto Rico; and Hermana Del Bosque is going to Washington, D.C. where she'll get to work in the visitor's center.  And then there's me.  I still have yet to meet a missionary going to Posadas.

Oh!  Guess who I ran into?  The lovely Sister Allison Duffin, my roommate from BYU!

I'm learning a ton!  One of the members of my branch presidency served for 6 months in Posadas, Argentina, long before it was its own mission.  He has a lot to tell me about my mission!  (Funny story, his wife is actually from Fallon, NV, and I think she has family in Ely, so they know Eureka really well.)  It's crazy, though, the things I'm learning are not really things.  They're more like habits and behaviors and mindsets.  I'm learning to recognize the Spirit, to focus on my studies, to give myself up to the Lord.  I'm amazed to look back and see how much I've learned in just five short days.

I love you all.  I love this gospel.  God lives and He loves you.  

Hermana Watts

BYU Roommate - Sister Allison Duffin

Hermana Cross and Hermana Watts

My district minus Sisters Helmick and Del Bosque

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