Monday, May 23, 2016

The Plan

On his way home from school last Thursday, Wilsin, an energetic almost-seven-year-old boy in our branch, ran in front of a motorcycle.  He suffered a severe injury to the head and was rushed to the hospital.  He had just enough strength to offer a prayer before he fell into a coma.  For many hours afterwards, the doctors were unsure if he would survive.  In one dark moment, one doctor pronounced him dead.  But Wilsin's time had not yet come.  He woke up.  He began to regain strength, such that when we heard the news a day later and called to see how we could help, he was able to speak into the phone and assure us that, "¡Estoy bien ahora!" (I'm fine now!) 

We went to visit his mother to offer service a couple days after the accident.  She is preparing to be baptized soon.  She told us the whole story, and then we shared a very tender moment with her as she said, "Es un milagro que mi hijo está vivo." (It's a miracle that my son is alive.)  My companion and I testified to her of God's plan for his children.  She said, "Yes, I know the Lord has a plan for my son.  He is going to be a great missionary."

God does have a plan for us.  I spent some time this week studying Abraham chatpers 4 and 5, which describes the creation of the earth.  In chapter 4, the Lord sets forth a very detailed plan of how He is going to create the earth, and in chapter 5, He follows it.  God's plan is perfect.  He knows exactly how He is going to achieve His goal: the immortality and eternal life of man.  He set this plan up before the foundation of the earth.  It is detailed and exact.  If we trust in Him, He will watch over and protect us until we have completed the work He has sent us here to do.

Hermana Watts

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