Monday, May 16, 2016

The Lord's Work

One day last week, all of the charlas we had planned fell through and we had a few hours with nothing to do, and I was trying to think of who we could go visit when the name of an old investigator popped into my head. About a month had gone by since the last time we visited her, in which visit we had explained to her that we wouldn't be able to visit her anymore. While she had desires to be baptized, she was stuck waiting for a divorce to go through so she could get married, and until that happened, there wasn't really very much we could do for her. The Spirit indicated that the best we could do for her was drop her. But this past week, I felt that we needed to visit her again. (I had felt the same feeling when I greeted her in church on Sunday, although in the moment I had ignored it.) We went to her house, and not many moments after we arrived, she said, "Hermanas, do you have any baptisms planned for June?" "Well, no, not yet," we admitted. "I've been thinking I would like to be baptized in June," she announced.

We set a date with her for June 4 and assured her that the Lord will bless her as she makes sincere efforts to meet that goal.

This truly is the Lord's work. When we trust Him, He can work miracles through us.

Hermana Watts


Family home evening with the Martinez family (a couple weeks ago) - we acted out the story of Abinadi and King Noah. Junior was Abinadi, his dad was King Noah.

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