Monday, May 9, 2016


Bikes - we do wear helmets :) 
We had a special lesson with David to plant his "seeds of faith" - literally and figuratively.  He loved planting the little beans we brought him and talking about how faith is like a seed that we need to plant and nurture so it can grow.

 taking a break with some Fanta Guaraná ;)
Look!  There was an owl at church! (it's dark cuz owls only come out at night)
How quickly can you plan a baptism?  Fernando turns 8 and gets baptized.  His mom forgot he was turning 8 until a few days before, so we rushed to help her get the baptism organized and planned in just 2 days.  After a lot of frantic running around, the baptism went miraculously very smoothly.  (Never mind that the service started an hour late  . . . )  In the end, it was a treat to be able to share the special occasion with Fernando and his family. 
German pancakes with dulce de leche and bananas. mmmmm...
With my nice new rainboots, I have successfully conquered my fear of puddles ;)
Hey, is my hair getting darker?
Happy Birthday to Arminda! (She is one of our investigators.  We love her!)
Happy Birthday to Denise! (She is a less active sister we are working to reactivate.  She's wonderful!)
Rainy Days
Skyping home :)