Monday, March 7, 2016

Travels and such

​My companion and I did a lot of traveling this past week.  Hermana Martinez goes home next transfer, so she got to visit Iguazú with all of the missionaries going home this transfer and next.  I got to do something even more fun . . . TRÁMITES!  yay.  Iguazú is just across the river from from Ciudad del Este, but we got to go the long way around.  We took a 6-hour bus ride to Encarnación, crossed the river, ate a delicious home-cooked meal in the mission home with Presidente y Hermana LaPierre, slept not a wink, and left at 2 in the morning to take the 6-hour bus ride up to Iguazú.  We dropped my companion off at the park with the rest of the honorables, and then two elders, Hermana Cannon, and I, all went off to the migrations office to do the trámites.  The good news is I am now an Argentine citizen with an ID card and everything!  The less-good news is that I am only an Argentine citizen until June 3.  But that's okay, I'll just stay in Paraguay forever :)

The best part of the trip, besides Hermana L's cooking, was staying the night in Encarnación Rama 3, my very first area (my "birthplace," as we missionaries say).  That was a very special treat for me.

In other news, Norma finally came to church!!!!  With her two sons!!!  Now that her anti-mormon husband left to go work in Argentina, she is free to come to church whenever she wants.  The members were quick to take her under their wings and fellowship her.  She offered a prayer in our Gospel Principles class and thanked God for guiding her back to the "only true church." (if you aren't sure who Norma is, here's the blogpost where they meet her:

I testify that this really is the only true church upon the earth.  It is the Lord's church, and He leads it through His prophets.  The Book of Mormon is true.  God lives.  We are His children and He loves us.  

Hermana Watts

Hna Martinez reunited with her hija who is currently in Rama 3

Crossing into Argentina . . . They're super protective of their Malvinas Islands (which they lost to England a few years ago but still claim as theirs).

Rosi, one of my investigators in Rama 3

Chini, one of the less-active members of the branch here, and Natty, one of our investigators, both gave birth yesterday!  We went to visit them in the hospital.  I didn't get a picture with Natty, but both mothers are doing very well, and the babies are healthy and beautiful.

Hermana Martinez
P.S. Transfers - I'm going to Hernandarias!  With Hermana Rigtrup! And bicycles!  Ouch.  But I'm going to be super fit :)  Hna Martinez stays here and Hna Ehlert is coming and they're both going to be Sister Training Leaders.  Fun!

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