Monday, March 21, 2016

New Area!

Q&A  (I sent these questions to Hermana Watts last week, before seeing pictures of her bicycle and helmet and cute companion, but she didn't have time to answer until this week).

1. What are the bicycles like that you ride? Do you have baskets? Can you send a picture?

​We ride Milano bicycles - they're kind of old. We do not have baskets.​ 

2. Are there other areas in your mission with bicycles? What determines which areas get bicycles? Distance that the area covers? 

​The only other sisters' area is Ayolas, near Pilar, in Paraguay. I think there are a few sets of elders who have bicycles. I'm not sure what determines which area gets bicycles - I don't think it's necessarily distance, I think it has a lot to do also with the conditions of the roads and possibly bus coverage. Some areas have a lot of cobblestone/dirt roads that are not good for bikes, or a lot of hills, or whatever. Our area has a lot of cobblestone, but enough asphalt to make it slightly less miserable. (cobblestone kills!)​ 

3. Do you wear helmets?

Yes, of course! No concussions here :)​

4. Tell us about your new companion: Where she's from, her interests, talents, favorite hymn, funniest mission moment, etc.

​She is from just outside Spanish Fork. She likes piano, basketball, music, BYU Football, egg farming, wakeboarding, coloring, and eating ice cream. She is an excellent piano player, and she has a talent for making people happy. Her favorite hymn is "Lord, I Would Follow Thee." Her funniest mission moment is this transfer when she got stuck with me. Haha, jk, one time she got punched by a Paraguayan woman. . . who happens to be the relief society president. You will have to ask her for the details.​

5. Tell us about Hernandarias. It's close to Ciudad Del Este. Is it a suburb or does it feel more like the country or a small town or what?
Hernandarias is a small town but it's really not quite that small. It's maybe like Carson City to Reno. It's pretty tranquilo here.

6. Are you in a branch or ward?
I am in a branch.​

7. Are there other missionaries in Hernandarias? And if so, are they in the same ward/branch or are there more than one branch there?

There are three sets of missionaries in Hernandarias. Hernandarias has one ward and two branches. The ward has a set of elders and each branch has a set of sisters.​

8. Did you have to travel to Posadas for transfers, just to head back to Hernandarias, or were you able to go directly there?

I went to the terminal in Ciudad del Este to meet up with Hna Rigtrup and then we came straight to Hernandarias. Due to some confusion in planning, we didn't get home until around 1:00 a.m.​ 

9. Are you happy that you're staying in Paraguay or are you starting to miss Argentina?

Are you kidding? I was over the moon when I found out I was staying in Paraguay - better yet that I'm still close to Minga and I'll get to see the members at General Conference and stake conference! :)​

10. What's your apartment like in Hernandarias?

​Our apartment is pretty nice, we have a covered garage to park our bicycles and we live three stories up. It's not too big, not too small . . . can't complain :)​

​. . .

Happy Easter! Please take some time this week to watch this easter video and reflect on what the Savior's sacrifice means to you. I testify that He lives! He is the Messiah, the Savior and Redeemer of the world, Jesus Christ.

Hermana Watts​

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