Monday, February 22, 2016

We need to talk . . .

So we're planning Thursday night and we realize that we haven't found any new investigators all week and it's already Thursday! And we feel a little bad, so we schedule in an hour to look for people who are prepared to hear our message.

On an unrelated note, we also make plans to visit an active sister in our branch who lives in the area we plan to work in. We call ahead to see if that's okay with her, and she says, "Yes, please do stop by! I need to talk to you."

I don't know if you've noticed, but sometimes when people say, "I need to talk to you," it's kind of scary because you don't know what they want to talk about and you're afraid you've done something wrong and they're just going to chew you out. . . So we say a prayer before visiting the sister that everything will be fine.

We get to her house, and she says, "Hermanas, I have a cousin who is very sick. She wants to come to church. She lives in kilometer 28. Would you like to visit her with me right now?"

And we say, "Sure!" because we are very relieved that it was something good that she needed to talk about and not something bad.

So we all pile in her car and her husband drives us out to kilometer 28, which is farther than I have ever gone before (the farthest being km 24). And we meet Lilian and her nine children, Liz (15), Yenifer (14), Rosana (12), Daniela (11), Belen (8), Luana (7), Celso (5), Fiorela (3), and Maximiliano (1.5). Lilian is very sick as a result of an operation she had about four months ago, but her children take good care of her.

Except for the little ones, everyone participated in the lesson. We taught them about God's Plan of Happiness. We talked about the purpose of our life on earth and how our trials help us to learn and grow. And on Sunday, Lilian and Yenifer both came to church.

Thus we see that God answers the righteous prayers of His children, and when we do our part, He does the rest to lead us to those people who need our help, who are prepared to learn about His gospel.

Hermana Watts

p.s. We made no-bake cookies this week (thanks for the recipe Mom!) and played UNO with the other sisters. Lots of fun! (We also made banana bread but I forgot to take a picture. . . it was gone too fast)

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