Monday, February 1, 2016

Free At Last!

Six blood analyses and one priesthood blessing later, I am finally free from dengue. This morning the doctors gave me the go-ahead to get back to work. Yay!

I can say that I have seen many tender mercies of the Lord during this illness. My companion and I have had a LOT of time to get to know each other, and we are more unified than ever. Hermana Martinez is wonderful!

I think the most frustrating thing (which was also a blessing) was that I didn't really feel many symptoms of dengue. I didn't get a bloody nose or cough up blood, I didn't have a super high fever, and I didn't experience severe muscle pains. I just felt really tired all the time, and the first few days I did have a mild fever. The thing with dengue is it makes your blood platelets drop dangerously - and if they drop too low you have to be hospitalized. And no matter what we tried, my platelets just kept dropping. Finally, I decided to ask for a priesthood blessing. 

The next day, my platelets were back to a normal level.

There is power in the priesthood.

How blessed we are to have the priesthood on the earth today. It is the power and authority God gives to men to act in His name. It is the power that the Savior used to work His miracles, and it is the power held by every worthy man of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Have miracles ceased? No, they have not. 

God lives! He loves us!

Hermana Watts


My blood analysis at the super Catholic laboratory Corazón de María came back dengue-free . . .
so we celebrated with ice cream :)

Hermana Martinez made pizza!  It was delicious :)

Teresa had a birthday on Sunday, so we celebrated with pizza and cake!  (Teresa is a less active return missionary that Elena wrote about way back in November).  The following are pictures of the celebration.

And . . .

Our Christmas packages finally arrived!  Now we can regain all the weight we lost when we were sick with dengue.  Thank you family!!!

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