Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Transfers and Tramites


I can already see that some of you are mildly distressed that this email is a day late.  Sorry!  We have had such a busy week!  This last week was transfers, which was exciting because everyone crossing to and from Argentina has to go through Encarnación, so we got to help all the missionaries get to where they needed to be.  Hermana Sorenson and I are going to be together for at least one more transfer (yay!!) and we are super excited.  

And then I got a call on Saturday from the office.  They told me that Sunday night, I would have to cross to Posadas so that I could travel to Iguazú on Monday to play that never-ending game called tramites.  Did I tell you about that before?  Since we believe in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law, periodically throughout the mission, missionaries have to cross from one country to another to fill out papers so that we remain legal in both Argentina and Paraguay.  It's a lot of fun!  So yesterday I got to drive 4 hours to Iguazú and 4 hours back.  No, I didn't get to go to the falls.  But I did have a great time with the three other missionaries who were travelling with me.

One of my travelling companions shared a great thought with me.  He talked to me about worship.  What does it mean to you to worship?  In the Old Testament, people worshipped by making sacrifices.  They would sacrifice the very best of their animals, lambs without spot or defect.  The law of Moses was fulfilled by Jesus Christ, so we don't sacrifice animals anymore, but we are still expected to worship through sacrifice.  The sacrifice we are called upon to make is of a different nature - a broken heart and a contrite spirit.  Perhaps the best way to worship our Father in Heaven is to offer as a sacrifice the very best of our time, talents, and efforts.

Well, that's my soapbox for today.  Love you all!

Hermana Watts

Q & A:

1.  Does the song from Nacho Libre go through your mind every time you say Encarnación like it does for us? (Dad and the boys)

Funny story.  One of the elders in my MTC district could quote that movie almost word-for-word.  He and my companion would always sing that song.  I had never really heard it before I got to the MTC (I think I only watched Nacho Libre like once), but when I got to my first area, it was super funny.

2. Do you have a favorite place in Encarnación?  (Chiara)

I love all of it!  But my favorite part is when we get to visit people who live kind of outside the city, where the neighborhoods are more rural.  It's so peaceful and quiet and beautiful!  Sometimes I think I want to come back and live in one of those neighborhoods.

3. Can you understand some Guarani now? (Joseph)

Hahaha!!  No.  But I can at least recognize sometimes when people are speaking Guaraní.

4. Who is the favorite person you've taught so far? (Chiara)

I don't have favorite people, silly!  I love every person we've taught.  The best lessons are the ones where I can feel the Spirit, when I feel like suddenly Hermana Watts isn't giving the lesson, the Lord is.

Here is a link to the song Encarnacion, for those who aren't familiar with it:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTOUiTegqrA

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