Monday, February 23, 2015

Angels Among Us


¿Cómo están todos?  Let me tell you about a miracle we saw this week.

So we were in church yesterday.  Hermana Sorenson and I had just finished giving the lesson in Sunday School, and it was time to transition to Sacrament Meeting (the meetings are a little backwards here in Paraguay).  As I left the classroom, the elders beckoned me over to meet a man.  Assuming he was one of the elders' investigators, I smiled warmly and started to introduce myself.  "No, Hermana," the elder told me, "You've already met."  Thoroughly confused, I asked, "Where?  When?"  The man, whose name is Cesar, explained how we had talked to him in the street.  We gave him a tarjetita (a pass-along-card) and told him he was more than welcome to come to church.  This apparently happened sometime within the last week or two.  When Cesar was faced with personal and family problems, he remembered the tarjetita and the invitation to come to church, and he came.

I thought perhaps Hermana Sorenson had given him the tarjetita and I just hadn't been paying attention, but she has absolutely no recollection of the man.  Her comment, as we discussed the strange and miraculous event, was, "I think angels are at work."

What a blessing to know that we are not alone in this great work!  There are forces greater than we can imagine in operation.  The Lord is truly hastening His work.

¡Les quiero mucho!

Hermana Watts

Q & A:
1.   Have you seen the southern cross? (a constellation that can be seen in the southern hemisphere)

I think so, but I haven't identified it before.  I'll keep an eye out for it for sure!

2.  Tell us about your language study?  Do you study Spanish, Guarani, and Portuguese?  Do you have study materials?

Language study usually consists of reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish.  I'm looking to get a copy in Guarani, but I haven't needed to use Portuguese at all yet.

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