Monday, June 6, 2016

Does that mean . . .?

We had such a beautiful experience this past week in teaching Denise, a less active member. She was baptized about 15-16 years ago, stayed strong for maybe 4 years, and then fell away. We love her! We have been visiting her for a few weeks now, and when we went this week, she pulled out gifts for us: a green scarf for me and a white scarf for my companion (see photo). 

This week we decided to teach her the Plan of Salvation. We thought that it would just kind of be a brief summary, since she's already been baptized, but the way she reacted to the lesson made it clear that it was the first time she had heard about it.

"Are you telling me that we lived with God before we were born?" she asked.
"That's right," we said.
"Oh! I always wondered about that! I always thought that life began at birth. I used to think about it, and I would wonder, if life began at birth, why should it continue after death? Eventually I learned to believe that there was life after death, but I never knew that there was life before!" Her excitement was contagious. Then she thought of her daughter, who is expecting a little girl, due July 4. "Does that mean that my granddaughter is there with God?"

Her joy in discovering these truths impressed me greatly. Truly we are blessed with the knowledge we have of God's plan for us - that we did exist before we were born, that we are each sons and daughters of God, that we have the potential to return to His presence and become like Him. Is this not great reason to rejoice?

Hermana Watts

p.s. bonus story! Hugo is a less-active member now coming back to church. His joy in returning to the fold is incredible to witness. He shared his testimony in Sacrament Meeting yesterday: "Estaba en las tinieblas, pero ahora estoy en la luz. (I was in darkness, but now I am in the light)."

Also, last week we had stake conference, and look who I ran into!
TERESA!!  She is doing great, she was able to go to the temple recently and is now serving as the Gospel Principles teacher in the church.

Also my good friend Silvia Nuarte from the stake Relief Society presidency.

And a picture with my favorite family, just cuz :)
Yrma with her three sons, Arnaldo, Pipo, y David; her daughter-in-law Carmen; and her gradndaughter Mia.  And her adoptive daughter, me! :)

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