Monday, October 26, 2015

Ironing Out the Soul

Hermana Castillo and I had a pretty fun week.  After visiting the Cataratas de Iguazú last Monday, we had the opportunity to do divisions with the lovely hermanas of Iguazú, Hermana Marvian (Las Vegas, NV) and Hermana Gonzalez (Chiapas, MEX). Hermana Castillo stayed in Iguazú with Hermana Marvian, and Hermana Gonzalez accompanied me back to Eldorado. We had fun searching for a less-active member who was baptized three years ago. Cool story about him: a while back, our friend Mirta, a recently returned missionary, accompanied us. We taught a young man who said ​"Oh yeah, one of my friends is Mormon. His name is Emmanuel." Mirta recognized the name and later commented to me, "I was thinking about Emmanuel recently. I remember accompanying the missionaries to his lessons before he was baptized, and they were always really spiritual. I wonder what happened to him." That night as we rode the bus back to the pension (still with Mirta), who should happen to board the bus? None other than Emmanuel - surely inspired timing! For various reasons, we hadn't been able to find him until this last week, but we found him and visited with him and his mother and they are wonderful people. Pray that he will come back to church and that she will get baptized!

As a spiritual thought today, I would like to share a quote from one of my biggest heroes:

"I feel like the temple helps me iron out my soul, helps all the angst of life, all the conflictive emotions, settle down a bit." -Karl Watts

After divisions, Hermana Castillo and I had the opportunity to do some service for a friendly woman we met. She had a pile of laundry that needed to be ironed and folded before her son came to visit from college the next day, so we stopped by and spent about two hours ironing and folding clothes and chatting with our new friend. I thought about what my dad had shared with me. It's been a long time since I have had the opportunity to go to the temple, and I expect to have a long time remaining before I can return, but I have found various substitutes for the peace the temple brings. Principle among them are paryer and service. So as I ironed clothes, in some degree I was working to iron out my soul, to smooth out the wrinkles of sin and weakness and pain and frustration.

This gospel has the cure for every heartache, every illness, every illness, that is part of this mortal journey. May we all feel of the peace that comes from abiding by its principles!

Hermana Watts

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