Monday, July 6, 2015

The Road to Eldorado

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This week has been crazy because we had transfers in the mission. I thought I was going to be in Oberá for a long time, but turns out the Lord has other plans for me. I've been transferred to the lovely city of Eldorado, right up near Iguazú in Argentina. My new companion is Hermana Dempsey, from Louisiana. She is darling! She still has traces of her cute little southern accent, which makes speaking Spanish fun.

Eldorado is COLD. Maybe it's just the time of year, but I have seen the sun only once since arriving here. It rains almost every day. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful city, and I have already had the privilege of meeting several precious children of God.

The members here are wonderful! I think we have had a member accompany us every day since coming here. Members are so important in the work of salvation! When a member shares a heartfelt testimony, the Spirit is able to carry that testimony straight to the heart of the investigator. Every investigator needs a friend who can answer their questions when the missionaries aren't there.

I was going to send pictures, but I forgot my camera cord. So you will have to wait until next week. :(

I know that God lives. We are His children. He has a plan for each of us, and His hand is evident in our lives. Trust Him!

Hermana Watts

Q & A

1.  How do you get to your new area when you are transferred?  (We had a mission van driven by the AP's that would come around and pick up and drop off missionaries.)

Generally, all the missionaries who are being transferred meet in the bus terminal either in Posadas or Encarnación. There they find their new companion and travel to their area together.

2.  Do you travel with a companion to your new area?

Yes, Hermana Dempsey had to come to Posadas to drop off her previous companion, and we traveled together back to Eldorado (about 4 hours in the bus.)

3.  Tell us about Eldorado.  I read that it is the third largest city in Misiones (First - Posadas, Second - Oberá).  Does it feel smaller than Oberá or about the same?

Eldorado is beautiful. It's right across the river from Paraguay. It's a fairly big city, but it does feel smaller than Oberá. We have a lot of walking to do!

4.  How many missionaries are in Eldorado?

There are two branches in Eldorado, and each branch has its own set of missionaries. Our branch used to have two sets, but now it's just us.

5.  What's the funniest thing that has happened lately?

 The funniest thing....hmmm. I got us lost the other day! We were contacting houses and had about an hour before our next appointment, and I said, "let's try this road," thinking it would eventually lead us back to our appointment. Well, it didn't. It only led us to a bunch of super chuchi houses and a dead end. Oops!

6.  How have you felt the Hand of God in your life lately?

We visited a menos activo Friday night - a family that Hermana Dempsey has been working with since she got here. We had a really spiritual discussion with them, and on Sunday, they came to church! Hermana Dempsey said that it was the first time she had seen the mother in church in all the time she's been here in Eldorado (about 5 months). Definitely the influence of God working a change in that sister's heart.

7.  When is Argentina's Independence Day, and how is it celebrated?

I am actually not sure. Do you want to look that one up for me on Google? There was a big celebration May 25 and we sang the national anthem in church, but I don't know if it was Independence Day.  (May 25th is the anniversary of the 1810 May Revolution, also called Day of the First National Government.  Independence Day is July 9th, so we should get a report on it next week.)

8.  How did Argentina take their loss to Chili in the Copa America?

As missionaries, we don't watch the Copa America. . . . but that night, EVERYONE was watching it. We would walk by businesses that were showing it on TV and the little stores would be full of people watching the game. I imagine they weren't too happy when Argentina lost . . .

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