Monday, April 11, 2016

A Dessert Contest . . . who is the genius behind this idea?

We had to drop an investigator this week, which was a crazy experience. I can count on one hand the number of investigators I have officially dropped. . . definitely not my favorite part of the mission. When my companion suggested it, I was really reluctant because I'm always afraid that by dropping an investigator we're giving up on them and denying them salvation - but we both felt that it was right. Actually, dropping investigators is a huge act of faith, because we acknowledge that, even though we are representatives of the Lord, we are not the ones in charge. We trust that God has a plan for each of His children, and sometimes the best way for a person to progress is without the missionaries breathing down their necks all the time. Let me assure you that this was not a decision we made lightly. It required a lot of prayer and faith to confirm that it was truly what the Lord wanted for this investigator. We had a lot of doubts, but we moved forward with faith. The experience became miraculous when, during the lesson, we were given the exact words we needed to say so that all of us, both missionaries and investigator, were able to feel the assurance that this was the correct decision. This is the Lord's work, and He does guide it, if we are humble enough to let Him.

In other news, we organized a branch activity that took place last Friday - a talent show and a dessert contest. It was super fun! The idea was that each organization of the branch would prepare a talent to present, and after the talent show we would have a dessert contest. Anyone who wanted to participate could prepare a dessert, and then everyone would taste all of the desserts and vote for their favorite (with a prize for the winner). The prize went to Yrma, the mother of David, who prepared this lime-cream-and-pineapple-deliciousness. David sang with us, "I Am a Child of God," and my companion played the guitar. The Relief Society did a traditional Paraguayan dance, and the Primary kids also had a cute dance. A lot of people came and we all had a great time.

Also, we had fun welcoming home two sisters from their missions last week - one from New York New York South and the other from Florida Tampa. Their English is perfect!

This is God's work, and He is hastening it. This is His church. The Book of Mormon is true, the prophet is called of God, and Jesus Christ lives! I know it is true. I love you all.

Hermana Watts

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