Monday, January 11, 2016

Fear Not!

We get off the bus and are walking to an appointment when we see a woman with her hands full of groceries. We are walking in the same direction, so I offer to help carry her groceries. She politely declines, but we begin a conversation with her. Her name is Norma. She has three children. Two of them are baptized members of the Church. She used to attend with her children but couldn't get baptized because her husband didn't want her to. So she attended church for four years until they moved to Minga Guazú and she didn't know where the church was. Seven years later, God happened to place the sister missionaries right in her path...coincidence?

Norma shared her testimony with us. "Before I learned about the gospel, I was afraid of many things. But then I found the church, and now I'm not afraid anymore."

When we understand the gospel and the plan God has for us, there is no need to be afraid of anything! Isn't it wonderful?

Hermana Watts

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