Monday, April 13, 2015

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words . . .

Hola hola :)

This week has been super great. I killed my mother (translation: my trainer finished her mission), and that was kind of rough, but my new companion is fantastic! Her name is Hermana Nethercott and she is from Star Valley, Wyoming. She is the cutest little missionary! And since you have been begging and begging for weeks and weeks, I decided that instead of writing a big long email I would just send pictures. Are you okay with that?

My darling new companion :)

All the missionaries at the district activity. We went all-out on the costumes!
 Note:  Because they have branches instead of wards, they have districts instead of stakes, so this district activity is for all the members of the branches in the area - not to be confused with Elena's mission district which has just eight or ten missionaries in it.

Making chipa-on-a-stick for Semana Santa
Q & A

1. Tell us more about your new companion? 

My companion is a twin, she likes geology, and after her mission she plans to study nutrition at BYU Idaho. She's also super funny :)

2. Have you had any comical faux pas with the language? 

Oh I've had plenty! None that come to mind right now, but I'm always messing up. Thank goodness for Latino missionaries who correct me!

3. How has the weather changed with the onset of fall?

Well, it's still hot. It's just slightly less hot. Paraguay went off daylight savings time, and now it gets dark a lot earlier, which is kind of stressful. I really don't like being outside after dark.

Note: Paraguay went off daylight savings time the same day that went on, so when Elena first arrived in Paraguay, she was five hours ahead of Nevada, but now she is only three hours ahead.

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